I’m Just Like You

Just like you? Hmm let’s see about that.

Connie here, or call me Ms. Just like You. Nice to meet you, virtually that is. I live with my little family in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Here we are ↓↓ first thing in the morning.

Bornean_Orangutans_(Pongo_pygmaeus)_(14585698615)But we clean up real good ↓↓ (that’s us a few years ago).

ConnieBoysWeddingMy boys are giants now. 






Everyone’s different, right? Well, let’s see about that…

Let’s start with my Top 10 list of “I wants”.

  1. To be healthy
  2. My family to be healthy
  3. To love and be loved
  4. To live in a safe, peaceful world
  5. To live in a world without prejudice
  6. To be kind to and help others
  7. To provide well for myself and my family
  8. To be part of a caring community
  9. To be free to do what I want, when I want
  10. To learn and grow mentally and spiritually, always

Please look at the list one more time.

Am I way off base when I think that every human being with a heart wants most of these same things too?

Ok, maybe some of you would toss a Harley Davidson Roadster onto the list, and others a luxury world cruise, but you get my drift.

See, I am just like you.

-Although I’m quite sure 90% of you adults are taller than I am-

Notice the one thing missing on my list? Obviously it’s MONEY.

Do I want to make a lot of money?

Well, yes I do, again probably just like you.

I thought about it long and hard and decided money doesn’t belong on the top 10 list.

But look at #7: To provide well for myself and my family.

We all have a different idea of what “well” means. Different strokes for different folks. Some are happy in a homey cabin, others in a suburban mansion, still others in a slick city loft.

Listen, if you make the right choices and put in the effort, the money will follow.

Still yes, I have financial goals, and I have worked hard to reach my financial goals.

But something was always missing.

I didn’t know what that missing element was until it popped up in my face on my laptop one day.

You know when you come across something that just strikes a chord and you know right away you don’t even need to think about it? It was that way for me with Wealthy Affiliates.

I instantly recognized that this was my “something missing”.
It was time for me to stop thinking, googling, dreaming, watching TV, playing video games, and start DOING. Learn something new, take action, build something, create something.

And that’s when I clicked the start button.

You see, I’ve been doing the same stressful job for years and started to notice a decline in my energy and enthusiasm for life. I thought I was stuck doing a job I didn’t like because I needed the paycheck and didn’t see another way.

Until I discovered Wealthy Affiliates

I’m one of the lucky ones who haven’t fallen prey to any of the “make money fast and easy” scams out there, but I always did have a good nose for scams and I have a very healthy dose of skepticism in my gut.

I still did my research and found out that Wealthy Affiliates has been helping people build online businesses for over 10 years and currently has well over 200,000 active members world wide. Despite the size of the organization I have direct access to the 2 founding members, Kyle and Carson, through the online community and so will you when you start out.

Honestly though, if you think you’re going to sign up, sit back and relax, then collect the money, you should click away right now.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate means you are given the tools to learn real skills, build functional websites, and once you’ve put in the work, you will earn income. Let me make this clear, you will need to bring something to the table, and that something is simply this: effort. The only other thing you need is a computer.

For more details about Wealthy Affiliates check out the “Free Means Free” page. It’s 100% risk free, so keep your wallet in the other room.

Oh and…

H$r$’s to $ucce$$  ⇐ Click there to read some related tips.

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    1. Hi Gus, So nice to know people can connect with my writing. Sometimes I feel like I come on a bit strong, but at least it’s not boring. Not everyone’s going to agree with my point of view but I’m glad you do. Check out my new post today on blogging do’s and don’ts. Regards, Connie.

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