Free Means Free


Folks, I’ve been surfing the information highway for quite a while, and I know when free means free and when it doesn’t.

I’ve seen a lot of versions of FREE out there, and those of you
who weren’t born yesterday know that FREE doesn’t always mean FREE.

Just a few examples of when FREE isn’t FREE:

  1. You fill in all your info for a FREE online offer, click the final button and a window pops up asking for your credit card to “complete” the registration. Theyclaim you will not be charged anything if you cancel before the end of the free trial period. HAH! Like, you’re gonna remember to do that? Not a chance.

    Free Means Free
    Put your credit card away!
  2. You go through menu after menu selecting free options some website is offering and on the last page (you guessed it) a window pops up requesting credit card info for an immediate charge and claim you will be REFUNDED the first week at the end of the month (so you pay for the last 3 weeks).
  3. People, FREE MEANS FREE, until you decide to pay for something, don’t take out your credit card!

At Wealthy Affiliate, here’s what you REALLY get for free:

-STATE OF THE ART online training that will walk you through how to build up to 2 different websites

-Free hosting of your 2 original sites

-Assistance and feedback on what type of website you want to build

-Technical and community support as you begin to apply what you learn

-Access to the whole community and the 2 founding members Kyle and Carson for 7 days

-Free hosting for your 2 websites for AS LONG AS YOU STAY A MEMBER

-Free 30 searches on JAAXY, an essential SEO Keyword online search tool

-See? Once in a blue moon free means free!

But what happens after the first 7 days?

You turn into a pumpkin. Kidding.

You choose:

  1. Remain a free member, keep your 2 websites running, remain with the standard access
  2. Sign up for the special discounted offer of $19.00 to upgrade to Premium for 30 days
  3. Walk away if it’s not your bag

Sound too simple?

Well, it’s not actually. It took years for Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, computer science majors hailing from Vancouver, Canada to develop the services within Wealthy Affiliate to the point they’ve now reached. For many years there were no FREE options at all. But now WA services are so well developed and user friendly that it finally became feasible to offer FREE membership  to all. BecauseWealthy-Affiliate-Review-1 Kyle and Carson know that what they offer is of such excellent quality that if you have any potential at all to succeed in an online business, you will do it here. The entire WA community will help you tap into that potential with the great training tools, programs and constant guidance.

What I learned in my 7 day free trial at Wealthy Affiliates is usable and adaptable to many workplaces in the bricks and mortar business world. Even if I walked away after 7 days it would’ve been time well spent. But I didn’t go anywhere.

So, now the wheels are turning… you’re thinking if the free membership is so good, why would I need to upgrade at all?

Because as good as the free membership is, it is literally just the beginning. It’s like a musician who is given 10 notes to compose a song. They might compose a pretty catchy jingle, but not a symphony. The remainder of the training that comes with the premium membership equate the rest of the musical notes you’ll need to compose a top 10 hit.

For me, entering Premium territory was like being a kid in a candy store. Every new lesson in the Premium WA series had me saying, “Oh so, that’s how it’s done!” or “Wow, that’s pretty cool”. The beauty of it is everything you learn, you can apply straight away to your own website. What a thrill to see your baby grow into a real live site!

Now you’ll be wondering, when do I start making money?


That depends on how hard you apply yourself. Some people will make money in the first month with their online business, some not for several months. If you’re working on your website consistently, you’ll see action faster than if you work on it sporadically. Remember, if you think this a quick get rich quick scheme, think again. In no way are you being handed a magic wand you can wave that turns toilet paper into dollar bills. There is no magic, Wealthy Affiliates is about knowledge, application, and results.

Do I need to know a lot about computers?

Nope. Just need to be able to work one.

Do I need to be a very good writer?

Nope. If you can type emails, you’re good to go.

Finally, I repeat: FREE MEANS FREE


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