Can’t Find a Job?

Looking for the perfect job? 

So, you’re looking for a job and the following things are happening:

You send out resume after resume and get ZERO response, it’s like your carefully crafted cover letters and resumes are out there in cyber space, no one even has the courtesy to respond!


You finally get an interview and find out you are one of 50 candidates all herded into a room,

Mass Job Interview, Yay!!

still you prepare for days, put on the perfect outfit and when you get there your interview lasts 5 minutes and even though you do your best, you still don’t get called back.


Can't find a job, why?
Can’t find a job, why?

You apply for a job that you know you’re perfect for but you don’t get hired and even though it’s illegal to discriminate,

you know you didn’t get the job because you’re either too young or too old, too good looking or not good looking enough, too heavy or too thin, your skin’s the wrong colour, you’re the wrong gender, they don’t like your piercings or your sexual orientation is an issue. 


So, what are you going to do? You NEED a job, right?

Actually, you need to earn income. You don’t NEED a JOB.

Well, let’s clarify that.

You don’t need a “traditional” job.

First, let’s define the term “traditional job”.

The Oxford dictionary defines “job” as “a paid position of regular employment”. To elaborate we can say that a job is an agreement with an employer that pays you a pre-agreed wage/salary based on the expected performance of a certain amount or type of work, usually based on a specific job description (but not always).

Basically, you’re relying on someone else’s assessment of your performance to prove that you have earned the right to get your paycheck and if they decide your performance is sub par, you get demoted, fired, overlooked for promotions and/or marginalized.

But let’s say you do a good job… does that mean you automatically get a raise?

If you’re lucky you get what you deserve but more often than not if you’re a great employee working for a not very good boss you just get handed more responsibilities for no additional pay or worse you’re held back from being Donald Trump Could Be Your Next Bosspromoted because the boss needs you to stay in the trenches and hold the operation together. You’re also the one that covers for other employees that don’t do their jobs and/or call in sick on a regular basis. Lucky you.


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The post below is from my blog that was written as I first started my own training:

After spending quite a few hours doing the training and working on my websites it dawned on me…. this IS a job!

Just different from a traditional job, and here’s how:


TJ- You get screened and interviewed by your potential employer

WA- Everyone gets a chance to try the job out, no discrimination or judgement

TJ- You apply for 1 position and do 1 job (if you get hired)

WA- You choose what you want to do and how you want to do it

TJ- You usually work a set amount of hours and days

WA- You choose how much (and when) you work

TJ- Your income starts at a certain rate and you might get a raise once in awhile

WA- Your income is controlled by you and your level of smarts/effort/creativity you bring to the table

TJ- You get 2 weeks vacation a year, maybe 3 after a few years

WA- You take vacation whenever you want and work on the beach IF you want

TJ- If you’re lucky you work for a good boss, if you’re unlucky you work for a jerk

WA- You don’t have a boss but there is an entire community to support you everyday

There you have it. This comparison could go on and on. Feel free to add your comments.

H$r$’s to $ucce$$


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4 thoughts on “Can’t Find a Job?

  1. I like your site, especially the home page. How did you do that? Anyways, you’re right about how difficult landing a job especially if there are many competition going on. And even if you get hired, there is no guarantee that the company will raise your salary as promise. So definitely a side job would be needed. And you’re also right how good WA is. :)

    1. Hi Kathe, Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you like the page. I installed photos from Wikimedia Commons and everything else, well it’s from inside my head. I’ve been around the block in the job market a few times so have probably lived each of the scenarios I describe several times. Here’ hoping our “side job” will one day overtake the “main job”. Cheers, Connie

  2. Hi Connie,
    the description of the job search is sobering. But what makes it even more worse: It describes my experience as a young man.
    I think, that the economy changes and the people have to change too. Now you have to look at other place for income, not for work. This places exist, but we haven´t learned where to look and our teachers and parents can´t tell us, because they don´t know.
    You give them a hint. Great.

    1. Hi Bernd, you’re so right, the economy has changed and with programmed business entering traditional fields of work means lower margins and more “virtual” stress. That’s what I’m encouraging people to do, look for income, not for work. Regards, Connie.

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