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Well, are you ever in for a free ride on the 7 days free trial on Wealthy Affiliate.

7 days free ride
7 days free ride

I say ride because it’s a fun, exhilarating and exciting! In my free trial period I learned so much that I literally had to force myself to shut down my laptop and go to sleep.

I felt like a kid learning to ride a bike 

Yes, a little nervous and very excited. I have been surfing the net for years… first on my MAC SE (yes, that’s right, I’m that old), then on my laptop, next on my ipad and now on my mini tablet. Yet, did I have any idea how to build a website or how money could be made online, or detailed knowledge about SEO and keywords?

No, no, and no

Wealthy Affiliate taught me in one week what I’d been trying to learn on my own for months. I felt like I owed Wealthy Affiliate some kind of payment for what they’d given me for free. Even if I were to walk away or never sign on for premium I felt like I had actually taken advantage of them for 7 whole days. I would have given them $19.00, if they only accepted gifts. I felt like even if I didn’t continue on with Wealthy Affiliate I would still benefit from the 10 lessons and 2 free websites they’d help me build. Heck, I could likely use the new skills I learned in a bricks n mortar job in the future. But free meant free and there’s no option to pay them for what you got for free.

After 7 days free you’ve at the tip of the iceberg

For $19.00 you unlock the 1st month of premium and you are given the full run of house. If you stay with the free membership you will still benefit but you’ll be sitting on the tip of the iceberg.

With this in mind I wrote the following tips for those of you smart enough to have just clicked the “START NOW” button:

How to Make the Most of your Seven (FREE) Days


I’ve paid more for lunch (and all I got was heartburn).

If you are a “newbie” on your seven day free membership, here are a few tips…

1. Join up when you have several hours to invest to get started right away with your first free lesson. Build at least 1 website to feel the rush of seeing your creative baby come to life. If you have any serious notion of starting an online business, this is worth clearing a few hours for, even if you later decide this isn’t for you, at least you’ll know you gave it a proper shot.

After I signed up, I got busy and didn’t create my profile or sign in for the first 3 days **SIGH** wish I had known better. But I sure crammed in the last 4 days to make up for it. 

2. If you have laptop and a desktop computer, once you move into the website building lessons fire up one computer for the video/tutorial and the other computer to perform the tasks on your site manager while the instructions are on (pausing as needed).

This saved time and made the most of my 7 days free. Really worked like an absolute charm for me!

3. Skip right to the lesson on Jaaxy BEFORE you decide on your niche website domain name. I kind of wish I had done that first.

But it’s not that big a deal because with premium I get more websites than I’m likely to ever have time to build. 

Next check out my short and sweet post BLOGGERS DO’S & DONT’S.

H$r$’s to $ucce$$


6 thoughts on “7 Days Free – Tips after you clicked start

  1. Hi, Connie, You have me totally stoked and i am headed over there right now! I feel like I am in your very same shoes and am willing to take time and commit to this endeavor. It is a business I want to create and the time I give it will prove it .. Not just 3 or 4 weeks but, real time like, 6-12 months or more, like it takes for brick and mortar business like you you mentioned. yes! I am in! Thank you for the opportunity! pJ

    1. Hi PJ, It’s so great that your are stoked because “stokedness” is the absolutely top source of productiveness. You are also very smart in realizing that good things take a proper time investment to reap the rewards. Remember when people used to say don’t expect to make a profit on a business until after the first year? Well, it is logical for that to apply to a bricks n mortar as well as online business, in my humble opinion. Thanks for commenting and the very best of luck to you on your endeavours.
      Regards, Connie

  2. This is a nice article about the service. But even better, is the advice you give on how to best use those first seven days. Very informative. Even the part about using both a laptop and a desktop computer. Although, I use a laptop with a second monitor attached to it to get the same results.

    1. Hi Billy, I will also add one more tip… don’t skip any of the tasks on each lesson. Do each task on each lesson, really, they are all designed to help you apply immediately exactly what you just learned. Good luck and thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Connie

  3. I’ve had 77 jobs during my life, so obviously FINDING a job is not exactly my problem. But finding a job that I can live with, well, that’s another story!

    So I find your “solution” to my endless job search quite intriguing. Inspiring, even! I’m excited about the opportunity you describe, and it sounds like something I could actually enjoy and excel at.

    Thanks for the information, and continued success to you!

    1. Roger, if any of those 77 employers had any idea how to tap into your true potential you might have stuck with them. The biggest thing to remember is that those of us who are square pegs in a round whole are the ones who ARE going to stand out “one day”. Thank you for reading and I wish you the very best in your future and a kind of success that can never be defined by just a job. Sinderely, Connie.

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