Basic Blog Tips – Blogging Do’s & Don’ts

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Starting on your blog or wondering how to improve your blogging prowess?

512px-Woman-typing-on-laptop8 BLOGGING DO’S


  1. Do know your topic (the best blogs come from the heart!)
  2. Do your research (if you’re not certain about a detail, make sure your verify with research)
  3. Do quote an expert/professional (i.e. if you’re topic is health, quote a health care professional WITH THEIR PERMISSION)
  4. Do name your sources (if using other people’s information, you must name your sources)
  5. Do use relevant images, video (if you are not paying for media, make sure they are royalty free, public domain photos, or your own)
  6. Do use spell and grammar check (either automatically or use a live person whose first language is the one you are writing in)
  7. Do use formatting tools to make the layout of your blog interesting to look.
  8. Do record ideas for your blogs as they enter your head (on your phone if you’re out, on a pad by the bed, etc.)



  1. Don’t rewrite something that you read on another website, even if you ARE changing the words.
  2. Don’t use profanity, ever. It’s not necessary, there are so many better ways of attracting attention.
  3. Don’t forget to do keyword research using a keyword tool such as ⇐  (30 searches free)
  4. Don’t insert low quality images, video or other media, it make your blog appear amateurish.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for comments and make sure you screen/approve/respond to appropriate comments as much as possible.
  6. Don’t promise to write a multi-part series of posts until you have all the parts pre-written.
  7. Don’t try to do all the proof reading yourself, enlist a like minded friend/partner/co-blogger to proof your blog for you.
  8. Don’t blog with the focus on making money, your readers will not appreciate that.

That’s all for now, til next time. Fellow bloggers unite!

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Regards, Connie.



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